map of Palestine

Our Unplugged trips (for international passport holders):

Our trips are designed to put our travelers in conversation with a wide range of mostly Palestinian people and to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time.

We have provided a sample itinerary below to give you an idea of what your trip may look like.  Please keep in mind, however, that all itineraries are subject to change.

Day 1:  Meet at 9:00 am.  Orientation and introductions in Jerusalem; political tour of Jerusalem; political briefing; sleep in Ramallah.

Day 2:  Visit Bethlehem & Dheisheh refugee camp (all south of Jerusalem).  Pass through a checkpoint; meet with Ibdaa’ Cultural Center; have walking tour of refugee camp; see the Wall and its relationship to area settlements; stay with local families.

Day 3:  Visit Al Khalil/Hebron and take a walking tour of the old city; meet local families; return to host families in Bethlehem.

Day 4:  Meetings in Ramallah with a prisoner’s advocacy organization; attempt to have a video conference call with friends and activists in Gaza; free time; meet with leaders of Palestinian non-violent movements; sleep in Ramallah.

Day 5:  See how rural areas are affected by the Wall and occupation, including meeting a family imprisoned between the Wall and a settlement; visit a fair trade organization working with hundreds of area farmers and exporting internationally in Jenin.

Day 6:    Travel to the Naqab/Negev to hear about the struggles of the  people of this region; travel with a Nakbe survivor to the village he was expelled from in 1948; meet with advocates for internally displaced Palestinians.

Day 7: Tour a historically Palestinian city inside Israel where Palestinian citizens are trying to maintain their presence; meet with Israelis who work on issues related to those experienced on the trip.

Day 8: Break.

Day 9: Workshops with group members to consider how we can best apply what we learned on the trip in our home communities.