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Downloadable BDS FAQ Poster and FAQ Text Document with many common arguments against BDS and responses to them & BDS Card (image below):

bds card

Boycott/Divest/Sanction Israel (BDS)
It worked in South Africa, it can work in Palestine.

Palestinian Boycott and Divestment resources:
Israeli Boycott and Divestment resources:
  • Who Profits? Researches and publicizes Israeli and international corporations are directly involved in the occupation: in the construction of Israeli colonies and infrastructure in the occupied territories, in the settlements’ economy, in building walls and checkpoints, in the supply of specific equipment used in the control and repression of the civilian population under occupation.
  • Boycott From Within, Palestinians, Jews, citizens of Israel, join the Palestinian call for a BDS campaign against Israel.
Partial List of Global Boycott and Divestment initiatives and resources:
Buy Palestinian products and promote their sale in your communities:

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Alternative Travel Options:

Birthright Unplugged is not able to accommodate all travelers who would like to visit Palestine on our programs. Below are a number of organizations we recommend to assist you in planning your travel in Palestine. You might want to check out Palestine and Palestinians, a travel book for justice tourism. You may also look at Alternative Tours in English, a site that includes some of the opportunities listed below, as well as a few others. Israeli travel restrictions make it nearly impossible to enter and to leave Gaza at this time and we regret that we are unable to assist with travel to this region.