Our Re-Plugged trips are for Palestinian children living in refugee camps. In two to three days, we visit Jerusalem, the sea and the villages their grandparents fled in 1948. The children stay with families who are Palestinian citizens of Israel. They document their experiences with cameras and create exhibits in order to contribute to the collective memory in the refugee camp and to share their stories with people abroad.

This experience is nearly impossible for most Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, who receive identity cards at age 16 which Israel uses to control their movement. As internationals we are able to move with relative freedom and so, unlike the children's parents and grandparents, we can take them on this trip.

In January-February 2008, Birthright Re-Plugged ran workshops for Palestinian children in refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria, and incorporated their photography and writing about their experiences and their family histories into our exhibitions.

Birthright Unplugged has three exhibits of photography by children in living in refugee camps in the West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria that are available to tour. To find out more: BRUP Exhibit Requirements (pdf file)